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The subject wise merit list will be prepared on a scale of 100 including marks in Master degree; weightage on PAT/NET/BET/JRF and interview as mentioned in table I, i.e., maximum weightage on marks obtained in Master’s Degree programme as 70 plus maximum weightage on PAT/NET/BET/JRF as 10 plus interview of 20 marks. Further it was resolved that candidates will be selected following the prescribed reservation rules of Bihar Government.

Model of Weightage marks to be awarded against percentage aggregate marks for Master Degree Examination is mentioned below:-

Percentage marks in Master Degree Weightage
50% to ˂55% 40
55% to ˂60% 45
60% to ˂65% 50
65% to ˂70% 55
70% to ˂75% 60
75% to ˂80% 65
80% and above 70
Eligibility without fellowship (PAT/NET/BET) 05
Eligibility with fellowship (JRF) 10
Interview 20
Total (maximum) 100
10 marks will be given to the teachers and non teaching employees (having more than three years experience) as given to JRF


  • The finally selected candidates would be required to submit the stipulated fees for admission to Course-work only. This fee would include the fee for doing course work and the amount of fee will be as per Governor’s Secretariat rule, Bihar, Letter No. BSU-05/2010-2684/GS(I) dated 21.09.2017 or if any modification thereof. All such candidates would admit in the Ph.D. Programme on the basis of the vacancy available in the concerned
  • All admitted candidates shall undertake a course work for a minimum period of one semester as prescribed by the
  • The course work shall be treated as a part of the D. programme. It would include two papers. The first being a compulsory course on research methodology and may include quantitative methods and computer applications; reviewing of published research in the relevant field and other techniques/methods, specific for broad subject area. The second paper would include research methods specific to concerned subject.
  • The Ph.D. course work shall be of 08 credits: each paper of 04
  • All course prescribed for Ph.D. course work shall be in conformity with the credit hour instructional requirement and shall specify content, instructional and assessment methods. They shall be duly approved by the authorized academic bodies.
  • D. scholar has to obtain a minimum of 55% of marks or equivalent Grade in order to be eligible to continue in the programme leading to the completion of Ph.D. thesis. A Mark sheet/Grade-Card would be provided by the University. Grades will be awarded on a seven-point scale as mentioned below:
‘O’=Outstanding 75-100
‘A’=Very Good 65-74
‘B’=Good 55-64
‘C’=Average 45-54
‘D’=Below Average 35-44
‘E’=Poor 00-24
  • If a candidate fails to qualify in the course work examination in first attempt, he/she will be given only one additional attempt (last) to clear the course work by appearing in the examination along with the next regular batch after paying due examination
  • Completion of Course work successfully would be binding on all the Ph.D. candidates including teacher
  • Successful course work completion certificate has to be issued by the university/centre in the prescribed


  • The End-Semester-Examination will be conducted by the Aryabhatta Knowledge University. The Mid semester examinations shall be conducted and evaluated by the Centre for Geographical Studies.
  • Mid-Semester Examination Shall be of 100 Marks
    • Review of Literature: 10 Marks
    • Paper publication/Collection and Analysis of Data: 10 Marks
    • Seminar Presentation and Comprehensive Viva Voce: 30 Marks
  • Syllabus for each paper shall be divided into two part i.e Part- A & Part - B and each part have at least 4 units. Based on this, the question paper pattern for the End Semester Examination shall have divided into three parts A,B,C comprising of objective type questions with multiple choice, short answer type questions respectively as mentioned below :
Part Nature of questions

Number of

Questions to

be asked

Number of questions to

be answered

Marks of each





Objective type questions

With multiple choice

10 10 02 20
Part-B Short answer type questions 06 05 05 25
Part- C Long answer type questions 05 03 10 30
Total marks 75


Part - A

Ten objective type questions - All questions to be answered (Questions shall be picked up from the whole syllabus preferably one or two questions from each unit) 10 x 2 = 20 marks

Part - B

Six short Answer Questions - Five questions to be answered (Questions shall be picked up from the whole syllabus) 5 x 5 = 25 marks

Part - C

Five long answer Questions - Three questions to be answered. (Questions shall be picked up from the whole syllabus) 3 x 10 = 30 marks

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The eligibility for the Ph.D. program is a master degree


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